Monday, February 12, 2007


School classes in Peru begin on March 1st and it is time to help these kids once more. They are forced to work on the streets to survive, lets make it a little easier on them and get them the basic school supplies.

Get together your friends, family, coworkers, etc. and help us with the donation of a basic school pack (valued on S/. 70.00 soles - around USD 25.00*)

If you wish to colaborate with the education of these kids please e-mail us to


* The school pack is refferencial and can vary depending on educatinal levels, the basic one has: 2 blue pens, 1 red pen, 1 black pen, 2 pencils, eraser, sharpener, rulers, scissors, felt-tip pens, coloring pencils, water colours, glue, sketchbook, 7 notebooks, 5 file folders, pencil case and backpack.
Christmas Reunion
December 16, 2006

Getting ready...

Bullet proof volunteers!!! Willing to do almost anything for the project... Hard work since 10 a.m. to get everything ready for our little guests at 4 p.m. Exhausting but... worth it! great kid's smiles!

The delicious turkey sandwichs... total success with the kids!

The gifts from the "santas" who so generously colaborated with us. Forgive us but we had to wrap the gifts all over again so they would look similar and avoid arguments of the kids because of size or colour.

They start to come, one by one...

And it all started...

Until an unexpected "VISITOR" arrived...

And the party really started! hahaha, laughter, curious looks, the "visitor" talks to the kids, jokes, even dances! until he finally sits down to give the presents...


"For a world within the reach of children"

A couple of weeks before Christmas we started to get ready for it: the kids create things to decorate their houses, details for greeting cards and to put in their rooms.

Our dear friend, Dr. Maribel Yaya Beas (Surgeon - Dentist C.O.P. 11362) checking two of the girls. The nutricional problems and bad hygene had a huge consecuence on the kid's teeth.
Thank you very much Maribel for your support to the project and to the kids!

Dra. Maribel Yaya Beas
Av. Nazca Nº 121. Jesús María.
Telf. 332-2338

Sunday, November 05, 2006


November 5 - December 15


Today we launch the Christmas 2006 activities, not just thinking about this particular celebration, but to get ready for the new school year starting March 2007.

We know that many friends want to help the kids but it's not always possible for them in the way they wish they could.

That's why we present a variety of alternatives (from greeting cards to being a "Santa") so nobody gets sad because it wasn't possible to help and give some joy to these kids and their families this season.

CHOOSE YOUR WAY TO HELP and e-mail us to


A special and different detail for a warm greeting this season...

Beatiful handmade greeting cards, unique and with different details (cloth, embroderie, overibbons, etc). Individually packed in clear plastic with a white envelope. Donations from 3.00 to 5.00 soles depending on the work (1.00 to 2.50 usd each)

A special thank you to Grafipapel S.A. for the envelopes donation.


Give a new outfit to one of the kids (top, bottom, socks). If you are interested in colaborate in this way, please contact us to receive the name, age and size of the boy or girl and any other detail you need in order to help.


Donate sweet bread, candy, beverages, apple sauce, fruit, whatever you think the kids might enjoy as a part of the celebrations!


Get cool stuff made by the kids like pendants and bracelets, done on the saturday handcraft sessions.


We'll give identical gift baskets to the mothers of the kids with products such as milk, sugar, rice, etc. E-mail us to get the list of products (it's ok if you get to donate one product, but if you want to donate two, or three, or four...)


If you come up with another way to help please feel free to let us know! your time, your ideas, your profesional skills, your music, your art, your help to reach other people... EVERYTHING IS VERY WELCOME AND WE THANK YOU FOR IT!!!

One of the goals of this project is not only to give inmediate help to these kids, but to reach people and let them "know". As we previously said, it's enough to smile and say "no thanks" when we don't want or need whatever they offer to us. THEY ARE NOT INVISIBLE, they are just not as lucky as you are and deserve our respect and consideration.

CHOOSE YOUR WAY TO HELP and e-mail us to

"For a world within the reach of children"

Ale (11 years old) is one of our talented artists.
Here she smiles for the camera showing one of her drawings. She's a very good student and she could be the first of her class if she didn't have to work all night selling roses or candy. She wakes up at 5am to read or study what she learns at school! She loves to draw and paint.
Look at that smile.... Her problems and limitations have no power over her heart, she's caring, loving, sweet, smart and funny.

Do you have notebooks or sketchbooks that you no longer use? canvas? colour pencils, watercolours, crayons, paint, etc?
Let's help Ale develop all her potential!

"For a world within the reach of children"
"What's Learned? Puzzles require abstract thinking: the ability to see a space and envision what belongs there. Puzzles also require fine-motor control in order to place the pieces into place. Having puzzles for varied skill levels permits children at all stages of development to experience success."

Marian Edelman Borden (professional writer and Journalist, her articles have appeared in American Baby, Healthy Kids, Parenting, Barney Family, Sesame Street, and the New York Times)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Flea Market" at the Reina del Mundo School - October 28, 2006
Our first experience selling the artworks of our little and talented artisans.

We thank the school for letting us participate in this activity and to the students and their families for their collaboration. A special recognition to our volunteer friends Allison and Javier, who were there early getting things ready and making the first sales!

"For a world within the reach of children"

Concentration, abstraction capability, memory, coordination, mental speed... everything excersises as a game, a puzzle turns then into a new tool for the kid's development.

Fernandito, so little and yet he spends most of his days on the streets. If he's not with his mother, one of his sisters takes care of him. They all work selling flowers, candy or bubble gum... Doesn't he deserve something better?

"For a world within the reach of children"

Saturday, October 21, 2006...
Two of our artist smile for the camera with some of their creations, Janisse and Sol, enthusiastic with the project and the oportunity...
Help us help them!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

While walking through the Historical Center of Lima a few days ago, we found this sculpture, a tribute to the shoe-shining child... We can not avoid thinking about the similarities shared by the sculpture and the real kids working in the city, around the historical center, the financial center, the shopping centers, etc... The resemblance is remarkable, and we don't mean between the kids and the sculpture, but by the indiference of the people walking by.
Like to the sculpture, many people just walk by and choose not to see the kids approaching them - not to beg - to offer their work.
A piece of advice to those who are not interested on havind their shoes shined, buying roses or candy: "No thank you" and a smile. Our kids tell us that that is enough. There's nothing worse than indifference. Remember, they are not invisible, they are simply less lucky than you.

We start a new season of handcraft works, this time trying to generate resources to be able to afford the workshops and the activities for the end of year, like Christmas and also the school supplies packages for next year. The kids learn new techniques while they help the rest of the group achieve the final goal. Every piece produced in the workshops will be exhibited for selling with only that purpose.

They keep an organized and clean work station, storing their "creations" in containers marked with their names. Although the pieces are not perfect, they are made with a lot of effort and dedication. They take their time learning and over and over try the cuts, twists, folds, until they are satisfied with their work.

Some of the work in progress and the expected final product.

Some of our friends and benefactors ask about where and when these will be available - don't worry! We'll let you know in time! You can get your Christmas presents and new and colourful stuff for this summer!
Time to celebrate the birthdays of the last few weeks...
We love you very much, and wish you all the best! Thank you for your confidence in us and for your sweet love!

October 14, 2006... A mini-tournament of a "memory game" is improvised, forty cards divided in pairs with animal pictures are the stars of the game, attention and a good memory are the best allies to win! The kids get excited, and after their initial frustrations they ask for a re-match. In play we develop our skills!

"For a world within the reach of children"

Sunday, September 17, 2006

September 18, 2006
Nothing like the smiles of the children to keep up the work!
"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million. "
~Walt Streightiff

Saturday, September 02, 2006

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today."
~Stacia Tauscher

September 2nd 2006... Back to the activities with the kids.
We changed the handcrafting for the reading, drawing and painting. Once more they gave us a lesson!!! We discovered little artists with big enthusiasm!

"For a world within the reach of children"